role of the support
24-04-2015  03:05

The role of the support is very influential on the formation of the character of a student. Support from various environments primarily of lectures activity is in need to build on students' emotions in order to maintain and learn about what attitudes you need to know to be able to strengthen the character of a student

  1. constraints that are often encountered in forming the soul, character and leadership in student attitudes.

Obstacles often faced by a student in the form of a character or characters of the existing leadership in the book entitled "Rising to the Seven Budi Utama" is: 1. Loss of honesty, 2. The loss of a sense of responsibility, 3. Do not think that far ahead (Visionary), 4. Low discipline, 5. Crisis cooperation, 6. The crisis of justice, and 7. Crisis concern. To deal with these problems, students are expected to have the right solution in an effort to build the character of students. Based on the book entitled "Rising to the Seven Budi Utama" by Ary Gina Agustian formulate character values ‚Äč‚Äčthat were called "Rise with Seven Budi Utama", namely: 1.       Honestly, 2.       Responsible, 3.       Visionary, 4.       Discipline, 5.       Cooperation, 6.       Fair, and 7.       Care.
CHAPTER III CONCLUSION Based on this paper can disimpulakan about how important the students have leadership character in his life. Being a spirited student leadership is not as easy as one might imagine, the student must have a strong will and intention to make himself character. Factors toughest faced by students is himself, if he is able to overcome the obstacles that are a barrier to a student whose spirited leadership or even vice versa. Support from outside is certainly a very important role in the effort to build character student leadership. Conducive environment would be very helpful to make the effort to build the character of the student