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Leadership is an attempt to move, influence, manage, and brought the good news to everyone. A leader that is a manifestation (example), inspiration, motivator and energizer for his followers to be moved hearts, thoughts and actions to achieve expectations, goals, objectives and noble best life. As such, leadership education has a strategic role in building character kepemimpipinan students. Students as learners are community members who are trying to develop your own potential through a learning process which is available on line, level, and specific education units. Given the importance of character kepemimpipinan in building human resources (HR) is strong, then kepemimpipinan character education must be done properly. Support from various parties is required, either by the government, community, family and school. This condition will be awakened if all parties have a common awareness in building kepemimpipinan character education. Thus, character education kepemimpipinan must accompany all aspects of life, especially school or university.